The Wickets - How to remove RMG

A significant number of owners have contacted us to indicate a desire to remove RMG as managers. To that end we have explained how this could be achieved.

The simpliest method of removing RMG is for owners to be appointed to the board of the resident's management company, which is explained below. If you would be interested in being appointed to the board of the residents' management company please fill in the form below and we will send you a template letter to send to RMG.


RMG manage The Wickets on behalf of a Company called The Wickets Leicester Residential Management RTM Company Limited. This is known as a Residents’ Management Company or RMC for short and is referred to in your Lease. An RMC is set up to allow the owners of a block or estate to decide how it is managed and by who. In essence this means that owners can decide who manages their block or estate.

Owners become involved in the management of the RMC by becoming a director of the company. Collectively the directors are known as the ‘Board’. The Board collectively take decisions on the management of the block or estate and oversee the performance of the managing agent. The Board can chose to change the managing agent if necessary.

Currently your RMC has no owners on its Board. The Board currently consists of only senior RMG managers which means there is no oversight on their performance. It is generally considered against best practice for a managing agent to be on the Board of an RMC as it is a significant conflict of interest. This can be seen by viewing viewing Companies House here.

Removing RMG

There are two ways in which owners can remove RMG as managers of The Wickets. These are discussed below.

Owners Becoming Directors

Removal of RMG can be effected by owners becoming directors of the RMC. A majority of directors can vote to cancel RMG’s contract. There is no minimum number of owners that need to be on the Board of the RMC and in theory this could be done by a single owner, however it is better if the board consists of multiple owners to share the responsibility.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of the RMC please complete the below form.

Vote of All Owners

An alternative method of removing RMG would be to take a vote of all owners. Owners have the right to require the RMC to take a vote on important matters.

A vote of all owners does provide a more representative outcome, although there are disadvantages. There will usually be costs incurred though the administration of the vote and it will take much longer to organise.

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