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The main purpose of a Resident’s Management Company (RMC) is to allow the Property Owner’s to have control and input over the management of their scheme. Ordinarily, the Property Owners that want active participation in the management of the scheme are appointed as Directors of the RMC. The level of control that the Directors exercise is up to them. Some prefer to leave the management of the scheme entirely up to the Managing Agent, others prefer control and authorisation mechanisms to be in place. With us the Directors can have complete confidence that we are working in the best interests of the RMC. Our Customer Portal means that Directors and Property Owners can see all the information that relates to the management of the scheme.

  • Management Service

    We manage residential blocks on behalf of Resident’s Management Companies. We place Property Owners at the heart of our service so all members of the RMC receive the same level of service. When working with an RMC we clearly set out our responsibilities so that there is a clear understanding of the relationship allowing the RMC and Property Owners to manage us. As part of our management service we will undertake all the functions of the RMC including setting and managing service charge budgets, collect service charges and arrears, arrange Building Insurance, arrange periodic and reactive maintenance, manage long term maintenance and reserve funds, manage contractors, regularly inspect the property and manage the Fire Safety and Health & Safety strategy. As specialists in Leasehold Block Management our management service complies with all legal, regulatory and best practice requirements.

  • Managing Us

    Resident’s Management Companies should monitor the performance of their Managing Agent. Often this is difficult for RMCs as the Managing Agent will provide little information throughout the year unless prompted. When we are instructed by an RMC we make sure that the relationship is well defined so that there is a mutual understanding of the expectations of each party. We define a set of key performance indicators, which are written into our Managing Agreement, and allow the RMC to monitor our performance. Our Customer Portal also allows RMCs, as well as all customers, to view information regarding the management of the scheme to assess our performance.

  • Getting Involved

    If you are a Property Owner and are interested in becoming a Director of the Resident’s Management Company set up to manage your site, we can help. Our experience of dealing with RMCs includes assisting Property Owners becoming involved with the management of their scheme. We can provide advice to Property Owners on how to become an active member of the RMC and play an active role in the management of the scheme.

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