Our service is structured so that Freeholders can enjoy the investment advantages of owning the Freehold while not having to worry about the management obligations that come with it. Our specialist service means that blocks and estates are managed in compliance with all legal, regulatory and best practice guidelines. Freeholders are given access to the Customer Portal so that they can have as much or as little oversight on the management of the property as desired. As we place the Property Owners at the heart of our service, Freeholders can rest assured that they will not have to deal with enquiries or complaints from Property Owners that are unhappy with their Managing Agent.

  • Hassle Free Management

    Managing residential blocks and estates is our core service and what we specialise in. As specialists in Leasehold Block Management our management service complies with all legal, regulatory and best practice requirements. We will set and manage service charge budgets, collect service charges and arrears, arrange Building Insurance, arrange periodic and reactive maintenance, manage long term maintenance and reserve funds, manage contractors, regularly inspect the property and manage the Fire Safety and Health & Safety strategy. Because we manage in accordance with our core principles of Accountability, Professionalism and Transparency and give Customers access to our Customer Portal, Freeholders do not have to spend time dealing with enquiries and complaints regarding our management service.

  • Ground Rent Collection

    We provide a free Ground Rent Collection to Freeholders where we manage a block or estate. We can integrate the Ground Rent collection process with the service charge collection process meaning there is little additional administration in collecting and remitting Ground Rent to a Freeholder. This allows Freeholders to maximise the revenue from their investment without having to undertake any administration themselves.

  • Asset Management

    We apply professional asset management strategies to the blocks and estates that we manage. We create bespoke management strategies that will determine how a property is managed and can be devised in conjunction with Freeholders and the Property Owners. We map all the building or estate assets and repairs are recorded against each asset. This allows us to build a picture of the performance of the block or estate assets and make better management decisions. We also produce long term asset management plans based upon lifecycle costing which will be linked to the reserve fund. Where a reserve fund is not permitted by the Lease we take extra steps to make customers aware of planned maintenance so that they can plan for their property expenditure.

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