Our customers are at the heart of what we do. When we work with Developers we have the long-term interests of the Property Owners in mind. However, we firmly believe that the long-term interests of the Property Owners are aligned with the interests of Developers. By ensuring that many management pitfalls are avoided and service charges properly calculated we can ensure that a Developer’s reputation is maintained and a Developer does not have to deal with dissatisfied purchasers post hand over.  Additionally, as we are specialists in Leasehold Block Management, Developers looking to appoint us as Managing Agent will get the benefit of our advice and experience free of charge.

  • Advice

    We are specialists in Leasehold Property and are able to provide Developers with advice on how to structure the ownership of a scheme to best meet the needs of the Developer and the future Owners. We can provide advice on the benefits of retaining the Freehold and Ground Rents, constituting an Resident's Management Company or disposing on the Freehold post completion. Contact us to for an informal chat about the advice we can provide. 

  • Sales Information

    We are experienced in engaging with Developers and their appointed sales agents to provide management and service charge information for the purposes of the sales information. Our approach is to ensure that purchasers are given accurate information and to prevent the dissatisfaction caused by increasing service charges.  We are happy to provide these services free of charge where we are appointed managers of the block or estate.

  • Management Advice

    Common issues crop up when managing schemes that if considered during development can greatly increase the enjoyment and satisfaction of the scheme. These issues vary from physical on site considerations such as bin store design to technical legal considerations such as ensuring the scheme and management areas are properly defined in the Lease or Transfer documents. We encourage Developers to engage with us early in the development process so that we can provide specialist advice on these matters. Doing so will prevent any dissatisfaction by the Property Owners and prevent the developer from having to deal with dissatisfied purchasers post hand over.

  • Multi Tenured Estates

    We have extensive experience in managing multi tenure estates that combine Freehold houses with Leasehold Blocks. Estate Charges for freehold property owners are a common source of frustration, with property owners often unsure of what they are paying towards and why. Freehold Property Owners receive the same level of service as Leasehold Property Owners. They will be given access to the Customer Portal showing them exactly what services are provided and how their money is spent.

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