Customer Portal

Our Customer Portal is how we live up to our core values of Transparency and Accountability. You can easily monitor the progress of maintenance requests, get automatic updates, see how your service charges are being spent, manage your account, and access property specific information. By making this level of information available to all of our customers we are truly living up to our value of Transparency which makes us totally accountable to our customers.


Repairs & Maintenance

See all outstanding and completed maintenance requests. You can also see everything that relates to the maintenance request such as the target completion date, the estimated and final cost, the contractor, the building asset, how the repair was reported and the history of the repair.



Service Charge Expenditure

Every penny that is spent is published. This gives you complete trust and confidence that your service charges are being used effectively and appropriately. We can confidently say that no other Managing Agent will make this information available. 

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Automatic Updates

You can chose to be updated by email whenever there is any action on a repair request. You will be notified by email that there is a change to the repair job so that you never have to be left wondering what's happening with a repair request again.



Information in Real-Time

Integration with our operational systems means information is available through the Portal immediately, giving you trust and confidence that the information is completely up to date.

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Mobile Friendly

Our Portal is fully responsive and can be used on any device so that you can check on the status of repairs, the service charges or update your details from anywhere. 



Single log in

If we manage multiple properties across your portfolio they will all be visible in the Portal with a single log in. You won't have to manage log in details for each property, making it much easier for you to monitor your portfolio. 


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