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Professional. Accountable. Transparent.

New Estate Management was set up to provide a new standard of Leasehold Property Management Service. We have been involved in Leasehold Property Management for over 10 years in a combination of legal, private management and social sector consultancy roles. Through our experience, we are aware of the issues faced by Leasehold Property Owners. We believe that these issues are not addressed by many Managing Agents because of conflicting interests and a lack of innovation.

Block Management is our specialism and we haven't fallen into this area through letting flats and apartments. We only focus on Block Management. Our Managing Director, Adam New, originally started in this sector as a legal adviser dealing with litigated matters between Property Owners and Managing Agents, and providing legal advice to Managing Agents. This experience has given us a unique insight into the challenges that Property Owners face in dealing with Managing Agents.

This experience, coupled with our knowledge and experience of managing residential blocks and estates has allowed us to structure our service to directly address the challenges faced by Property Owners. We do not look to maximise our own revenue generating opportunities by entering into conflicting service arrangements, such as insurance commissions or by providing a direct labour provision. We provide customers with full access to all information relating to the management of their block or estate.

Overall our service is based on Professional standards that makes us Accountable to all of our customers by being totally Transparent.


Professionalism is a term often used but less often demonstrated. To us, being Professional refers to our level of knowledge and our standards. We operate to the standards that is expected from a specialist service provider and agent such acting in the best interests of our clients and customers, avoiding conflicts of interest and not receiving undeclared commissions. We are also confident that our technical knowledge of the Leasehold Block Management sector is second to none. All our staff are members of the Institute of Residential Property Managers and our service goes far beyond the best practice guides issued by the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors and the Association of Residential Managing Agents.


We believe that accountability drives good service. Being accountable goes hand in hand with being open and transparent. Customers must have the necessary information to be able to hold us to account. This why we make all information relating to a customer’s property available to view simply and quickly. We ask ourselves a simple question when making decisions about our service and customers’ property, ‘Are we comfortable explaining this decision to a customer?’. If the answer is ‘no’ then we don’t do it. We accept that it doesn’t always mean customer’s will agree with our decisions. Difficult decisions sometimes have to be made, but we make sure that these are the exceptions rather than rule.


Transparency is a buzz word in the Leasehold Block Management sector. Almost every Managing Agent will claim to be transparent. We don’t just say we are transparent, we demonstrate it. Central to this is our Customer Portal. This is a bespoke developed system that allows all Property Owners to see all the information that relates to their individual service charge account and the block. This includes financial information, planned and reactive maintenance information and important documents like Insurance Certificates. We will be continually improving this system to provide customers with an unrivalled level of service.

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