Our service is uniquely structured to give our customers a Professional specialist service with total Transparency.

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  • Accountable, Transparent and Professional Block Management

    Property Owners are at the heart of our Block & Estate Management Service. We have structured our service in a way that provides Accountability, Transparency and Professionalism. We actively avoid conflicts of interest that result in increased service charges, such as insurance commissions or using an in-house labour force. We provide transparency through our bespoke Customer Portal which makes us accountable to all Property Owners and drives us to ensure that best value is constantly achieved. Our approach ensures service charges remain as low as possible without compromising on service. This will often result in lower service charges to Property Owners in comparison to current managers.

    And because Block & Estate Management is our specialism, Property Owners can be assured that their block will be properly managed.

  • Our service protects your reputation

    Our long-term goal when dealing with a Developer is the ongoing service and satisfaction to our mutual customers; the Property Owners. We can provide a range of services to developers, from submitting management proposals and service charge budgets for sales literature, to providing advice on ownership structures and Leases. 

    Appointing New Estate Management as managers will ensure that Property Owners can enjoy their new home or investment and Developers can focus on developing.

  • Enjoy the Investment with no Management Headaches

    Holding the Freehold of a Leasehold Block can be a tricky thing. The Freehold has many investment advantages but also comes with significant management responsibilities. We help Freeholders enjoy the investments advantages while taking away the headache of the management responsibilities. Our uniquely structured service focuses on providing Property Owners with an unrivalled level of service, meaning that Freeholders are not burdened with enquiries and complaints from Property Owners regarding the Managing Agent. Freeholders can also benefit from our Customer Portal which will show all information regarding the management of the property so Freeholders can be sure that their investment is being properly managed.

  • Giving Residents the control they were meant to have

    Resident’s Management Companies are set up for the purposes of giving Property Owners control over the management of their block or estate. This requires a number of Property Owners to become unpaid Directors of the company and make certain decisions over the management of the block or estate.  Directors can have as little or as much input as they choose. We provide professional advice along the way and our Customer Portal makes it easy for directors to have oversight of the management of the block or estate.

  • Helping meet Home Ownership challenges.

    Specialist Leasehold Management is becoming increasingly important for social housing providers. The Government’s commitment to affordable home ownership has seen the inception and expansion of affordable home ownership products, especially shared ownership. There is little synergy between the rights of Leasehold Property Owners and the traditional service provided by social housing providers. Providers are used to operating with autonomy in relation to their housing stock which directly conflicts with a Property Owner’s rights in relation to service charges and consultation. There is also a considerable overlap between the social and private sectors, with many investors realising the benefit of owning property in social housing schemes. We have considerable experience in advising social housing providers on structuring their service to achieve efficiency, compliance and commercial viability.

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